IntoDance – Art Moves Us

IntoDance is an artistic & inclusive dance training for people with limited mobility.

IntoDance offers special trainings and workshops for people with limited mobility, caused by chronic illnesses. In addition, it is open to all people who enjoy dance. Based on current research on dance and health, methods are integrated to strengthen the physical and psychological well-being of the participants. The goal is to promote the creativity and individual artistic expression of all participants.

Our partners

Through the cooperation with the Nachbarschaftshaus Schöneberg and Urbanstraße, the DSMG Belin and many more, IntoDance reaches numerous people all over Berlin. IntoDance also serves as an inspiration internationally. Here the association works closely with IntoDance Espana in Spain and the Fundación Elisa Carrillo Cabrera in Mexico.

Dance is art

By working with cultural institutions, IntoDance wants to create a bridge between the cultural scene and the participants of the IntoDance trainings. The association makes it possible to experience dance in a professional environment. The first IntoDance trainings started in the studios of the Staatsballett Berlin, which had a profound impact on the artistic development of the participants.

Moving in Contact — Research Project

IntoDance is committed to evolving, to growing. In the research “Moving in Contact”, IntoDance researches how to be in contact in dance without physical proximity and despite great distance. During the Corona pandemic it became clear how important interpersonal contact is. In a dance project like IntoDance, contact between dancers is also a key motivating factor. Contact not only promotes social exchange, but also creativity and encourages new forms of movement. The result of the research are three interactive dance videos, through which interested people can virtually dance along from home and at the same time learn methods to get in contact with themselves and the environment. The project was funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the program NEUSTART KULTUR, funding program DIS-TANZEN of the umbrella organization Tanz Deutschland.

Other Projects


In addition to the regular dance training, IntoDance has developed projects and created new ways to make the beauty of dance tangible: “IntoDance Daheim” are dance trainings on Youtube sponsored by the AOK. This allows people to integrate movement into their everyday lives through dance, even from the comfort of their own homes.

Continuing education:

IntoDance’s training program enables professional dancers to conduct their own inclusive dance offerings based on their experience. The training program teaches pedagogical expertise and somatic principles. IntoDance makes a point of ensuring that all future trainers design their dance offerings with a positive psychology and with the current dance research in mind.


Public appearances such as flash mobs and performances are an important result of the artistic work of the project. For their realization, IntoDance works closely with international dance companies and artists.