IntoDance is a dance class for people with physical impairments caused by chronical diseases.

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Please bring comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily

You can dance seated or standing

Previous knowledge of dance is not required

The class is inclusive, we welcome adults of any age and mobility range

Be prepared to explore and enjoy moving

Come and dance with us!

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We have Online Zoom Trainings. The next Zoom Training is Wednesday, 20.01.2021 at 17:30. Please register to receive a Zoom invitation. You can register here: [email protected]

You can also visit our online classes on our “Dance at home Platform”.

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IntoDance at home

IntoDance is also available at YouTube! Here you can find numerous trainings, which invite you to take a break and dance.

Please be careful! If movements are not good for you, change them or leave them out. Tailor your dance training in the way that is best for you.

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June 23, 2020

Livestream Online Training

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June 10, 2020

“Danzatlán en un click 2020” in Mexico

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Online Dance Flash Mop

Online Dance Flash Mop @ Home Thursday, 28.05.2020, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm This dance flash mob with Soraya Bruno and Miriam Flick is for everyone! Whether sitting or standing…
Dance Training
March 30, 2020

Dance at home Platform

New dance classes are online. By creating small films of our dance classes we want to bring dance into our houses and families during the Corona crisis. We thank our…
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Our Classes

Is the class for me?

There is a dancer inside of everyone. Our class aims to empower the dancer in you.  IntoDance classes were created for M.S and Parkinson’s dance students. Nevertheless, the classes are designed to allow people of all abilities to explore and discover themselves in dancing.

Why should I start dancing?

Based on the current literature, our method aims to enhance every aspect of a person’s well-being. Inspired by our experience as artists, dancers and teachers, our method integrates different elements of dance into the classes allowing for dancers to enjoy the physical, psychological and psychosocial benefits of dance.

Health Benefits

IntoDance, selectively integrates various elements of dance into its classes. The aim is to increase physical awareness through movement, and to promote relaxation. Muscular tension and stress can be reduced while coordination and balance can also be improved.

Dance as Artistic Expression

The class is designed to open the door for creativity and self-discovery. This combination provides the dancers with a regular positive experience and awards them with a sense of community outside their everyday lives. The essence of the classes is not only based on the benefits of movement but is also primarily artistic. This gives our dancers the opportunity to encounter the beauty, sensitivity and theatricality of dance, while increasing their capacities of physical awareness and muscle strength.

Purpose of the class

The class is structured to guide our students in a joyful journey to uncover the dancer in themselves. The structure and guidance supports the connection between body, mind and soul through breathing techniques, imagery, movement exploration, music and choreography in an open, friendly and safe environment were individual experiences are paramount.

Coffee time and sharing experiences 

As part of the class, and of equal importance, dancers are invited to share their experiences and feedback from the class while having a deserved and relaxing time in the Deutsche Oper canteen.

Practical Information 

  • Our classes are suitable and open for people with mixed-abilities and the access to the studio is wheelchair friendly.
  • Comfortable clothing and socks/soft shoes are recommended but not necessary.
  • You can sign up for a class on the “sign up for the class” form or contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Join Us

Become a partner

If you are inspired by our work, we invite you to collaborate with us. We offer regular dance classes, workshops, or a flash mob. Please contact us and help us to spread the joy of dance in your community.

Become a teacher

We are looking for dance teachers to share their expertise and dance with us. If you are coming from the field of dance or a movement based performing art and have performance experience have pedagogical knowledge and /or experience are interested in our work and are open to collaborate with us and our method are open to incorporate recent research in the field in your teaching have a passion for dance and people. Please contact us and join our team!

Our Story

In the Spring of 2017 we started to offer dance training in the studios of Staatsballett Berlin. We began with a small group and learned a lot both from, and with, our participants. This was the birth of our IntoDance Training Method. During the next year, the group of participants continued to grow and we founded the Verein, IntoDance e.V.

It became clear that the experience of dancing in a safe atmosphere is an enrichment for all of us, which spreads into our everyday lives. Together with the participants, we discovered the beauty and power of dance – a beauty that some of us had almost lost during our dance careers. We soon realized that a training offered once a week in Berlin was not enough to reach all dance-loving Berliners.


Since 2020, regular IntoDance workshops have also been held in the Nachbarschaftshaus Friedenau and the Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße (two neighborhood community centers). A development caused by the Corona pandemic was the launch of a YouTube channel, so that people can dance with IntoDance from their own homes, even beyond the borders of Berlin.

IntoDance workshops and Flash Mobs take place in cooperation with many Berlin projects and institutions. Some of them are the Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft (German Multiple Sclerosis Society), SEKIS Berlin, das Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg und das Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße. In addition to Berlin, we visit projects and institutions all over the world with our IntoDance workshops. Most recently IntoDance was a guest at a dance festival in Mexico City.

IntoDance-Trainings are the result of a collective experience.  We integrate the following methods into our trainings:

  • Dance
  • Pantomime
  • Pedagogy
  • (Dance-) Health

The participants have often been involved in the development of the project in recent years and have become an integral part of it. Our wish is to continue to share the beauty of dance with as many people as possible. We are convinced: There is a dancer in all of us!

We were and are also inspired by the work of Switch2Move from the Netherlands and Dance for PD from the USA. While Switch2Move under the direction of Andrew Greenwood at Het National Opera Ballet in Amsterdam offers dance training for people with multiple sclerosis, Dance for PD has been developing a professional dance program for people with Parkinson’s disease for many years.

You can find information for both projects here: 


Dance for PD:


Our Team

Soraya B. Bruno

IntoDance Pedagogical Management, dancer and teacher

I began to dance at the early age of three in Argentina. As a child, I loved to dance to any and every type of music. I would improvise a stage in my backyard and dance for hours in front of my family. At the age of 18, I moved to Buenos Aires to study dance at the prestigious Teatro Colon and after my graduation, I started working as a professional dancer.

During my professional career as a dancer I had the opportunity to explore diverse dance styles (ballet, contemporary, modern-jazz and tango) and work with different choreographers in several theaters around the world. Every piece that I danced in, no matter which style, as well as each choreographer that I worked with, all contributed to enriching my movement vocabulary, my body awareness and my love for dancing.

I danced professionally for 25 years and I decided to move towards teaching dance. I recently graduated from a Master’s program of Arts in Education (dance teaching) with the Royal Academy of Dance and Bath University of London. The studies opened up a new pedagogical perspective for me and allowed me to connect dance, pedagogy and science. This increased my curiosity in developing dance programs that expand the benefits of dance to professional, vocational and community dance students of all ages.

In 2016 Anneli Chasemore and I met Andrew Greenwood, Switch2Move and his wonderful work with movement classes for dancers with MS, Parkinson and Dementia during the Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation’s Forum hosted by the Het Nationale Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam. The Forum was the first attempt to connect dance professionals working in different dance & wellness programes across Europe. We fell in love with the challenge to create similar classes in Germany and we committed ourselves to develop a group with the necessary skills to pursue this endeavour. Although in July 2018 my professional career as a performer ended, a new exciting door was opened and IntoDance e.V was founded.

Dance has not only been my way of living but an instrument to discover and connect with myself and others, to express my feelings and to share who I am. I am learning every day from my wonderful colleagues and our dancers. Everyone is special and contributes to my personal and professional growing.

Anneli Chasemore

IntoDance dancer and teacher

Stephanie Greenwald

IntoDance Pedagogical Management, dancer and teacher

I started dancing as a small child and never wanted to stop. As soon as I discovered performing, I had found my place. Growing up in New York City, I was privileged to be able to study balet from a young age at the School of American Ballet and I had numerous performing opportunities with their affiliated company, New York City Ballet, dancing at Lincoln Center.

I was lucky to have had, and am forever grateful for, my twenty year-long career as a professional ballet dancer, dancing in several companies in the USA before coming to Berlin in 2004 to join the Staatsballett-Berlin. During my career in Berlin I was promoted to soloist and retired at the end of the 2015-16 season. Since then I have worked for Tanz ist Klasse!, the education and outreach department of Staatsballett-Berlin, where I work regularly with school children developing new work as well as bringing the world of ballet to new audiences. This experience has enabled me to see ballet and dance through new eyes and rediscover the magic of it all.

My perspective on dance was further expanded when learning the methods of Andrew Greenwood and becoming a certified Switch2Move practitioner. Teaching dance to people with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s has shown me how beneficial and healing dance can be, which led me to become a founder of IntoDance e.V. In April 2017, I began studying for my bachelor’s degree in social work and would love to pursue the ways in which social work and dance can overlap and enhance one another.

Ana Tarantino

IntoDance dancer and teacher

Since I can remember, movement has always been a great part of my life. My first attempt was when my mother took me to a ballet School in Cordoba, Argentina, where I was born. Suddenly I disappeared, only for my mother to find me already inside the ballet studio trying my best to move and reach the barre. I realised then that I was about to discover a new world.

The dream of dancing continued. I entered the Colon Theatre Ballet School in Buenos Aires when I was 14 years old. Years later, ballet and life brought me to Germany, where I danced professionally and eventually discovered that teaching was my path.

In 2013 I suffered a severe stroke which forced me to start anew in many ways. I had to use a walker for several weeks, however quitting dance was not an option for me. I was given a new chance and was determined to improve. Busy with my therapies, I noticed that something was missing, so I brought my old stereo to the rehabilitation gym. When no one was there, I slowly started moving to the music again.

It was not easy at the beginning, but I felt encouraged and motivated. I left the rehabilitation within 8 weeks, already enjoying dancing and fully recovered. The following year I finished my pedagogical studies in dance and started teaching again, adults and children.

After my friend took me to a "Switch2Move" workshop for teachers in Berlin, I could not stop crying. I realised, I had already experienced in my own body what music and movement can do to enrich our quality of life. I joined IntoDance hoping to share my professional and personal experience and help people to discover the healing powers of dance.

Miriam Flick

IntoDance Artisic CEO, dancer and teacher

How I discovered dance:

My interest in telling stories, creating pictures by movement, and the search for new approaches of working with groups led me on a journey from social work, via theatre, to the discovery of dance and what dance can be.

During my Social Work studies I was amazed at how the act of doing theater brought out new sides of my fellow students. Having the desire to bring this experience to a wider community, I started doing internships at various theaters and companies all over Germany to learn how to teach different groups. During this time, I met the great dance project tanzbar_bremen and discovered the world of mixed-abilities dance.

Having the wish to do this work as a professional artist, I enrolled at the mime school Die Etage in Berlin and discovered a theatre where the telling of stories is based on movement and pictures. Besides mime, I was introduced to different dance styles, acrobatics and acting.

Together with a colleague I founded the mime duo Panthea Mime Theatre where we stage and perform our own theatre pieces. Mime, as well as dance, are an essential part of my artistic work. In 2017 my journey led me to IntoDance, where I can continue sharing, searching and experiencing the creation of art within the community.

Becky Hicks

IntoDance dancer and teacher

Dancing and moving my body has always been a part of my life. From a young age, I started ballet and developed the classes as I got older into contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap, and musical theatre at a dance school in Cambridge called ‘Bodywork’. There I developed my passion and technique, which evolved into me training professionally with a BA Hons at London Studio Centre, then based in Kings Cross, London.
After graduating I went on to be part of the West End show “Thriller Live” and worked as a professional dancer for 10 years in London, dancing for a variety of well-known artists such as Celine Dion, Florence and the Machine and Kylie Minogue. After writing my dissertation on CandoCo, a disabled dance group based in the UK, it was an honour to perform alongside them at the 2012 Paralympic Closing Games, which inspired my continued appreciation for the many layers that dance has to offer. I danced on a variety of live TV shows and performances around the world, combining contemporary, lyrical, commercial and hip hop styles, nourishing my passion for the art form.
I was motivated to explore different ways of moving the body, and subsequently trained to become a yoga teacher. My journey continued when after attending workshops available in London and Berlin, I became a ‘Switch2Move’ practitioner, offering movement as a therapeutic art form. Alongside my dance career, I offer workshops embodying a “non-linear” movement method, yogic techniques and movement meditation, with various themes and collaborations, to provide a creative and explorative way to express, expand, and release blockages by moving the body.

Kathlyn Pope

IntoDance dancer and teacher

Whilst celebrating my professional career, my father told of his amazement when I was 9 years old and my profound sentence as a child, that I was “ only happy when I was dancing “. As from this moment on, my family realised that they needed to listen to my dance teacher who said that she could no longer do anything for me! So aged 11, I left home to pursue my dream at a vocational school. At 18, I graduated from the Royal Ballet School, London and joined the Berlin Ballet at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

My stage career spans 30 years and I have been exceedingly fortunate to share both rehearsal spaces and world stages with stars of the dance world, learning from Nureyev, Makarova, Evdokimova, Schaufuss, Béjart and Petit to name but a few. Working with several choreographers, and performing their individual styles, has also enhanced my dance knowledge greatly.

Creative interests have drawn me towards choreographing, organising dance events, designing stage sets and even creating breastfeeding clothing! Whilst still performing, I was part of the initial creation of the education programme for Staatsballett, Berlin, studying project management for schools at the Technical University, Munich and receiving a teaching diploma from the Royal Academy of Dance, London. My own experiences play a key role in my work today, in finding new ways to pass on the joy of dance to all learners of any age, ability and background in various formats and venues.


“I find IntoDance very good and it helps me a lot. To summarize, I can say: it strengthens the concentration, improves the memory retention, trains the memory and increases the thinking and movement speed. Limitations become insignificant and/or lose their fearsomeness.”

“IntoDance gefällt mir gut und hilft mir sehr. Zusammengefasst könnte ich sagen: Ihr stärkt die Konzentration, verbessert die Merkfähigkeit, trainiert das Gedächtnis und erhöht die Denk- und Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit. Einschränkungen werden unbedeutend und/oder verlieren ihren Schrecken.”

SabineIntoDance dancer

"I think that the joy shared by the dancers who guide the training is contagious. I love dance in general, and I think that the creativity that's being imparted helps me deal better with the limitations of MS. Just laughing together, listening to the music, learning the movements, that's fun. And the variety! Each time someone else leads the workshop, and each time it's a different focus. It's never boring! If you want, you can go for a coffee afterwards. Then you can talk about life in general, not just about the disease. I find that very rewarding. "

“Ich denke, die Freude, die die Tänzerinnen mitteilen, die das veranstalten, das ist ansteckend. Ich liebe den Tanz allgemein, und ich glaube, das Kreative, was da vermittelt wird, das hilft mir, mit den Einschränkungen durch die MS besser zurecht-zukommen. Alleine das Lachen miteinander, die Musik, das Aufnehmen der Bewegungen, das macht Spaß. Und die Abwechslung! Jedes Mal leitet jemand anderes den Workshop, und jedes Mal ist es dann ein anderer Fokus, es ist nie langweilig! Wer will, kann nachher noch miteinander Kaffee trinken gehen. Dann kann man sich allgemein übers Leben austauschen, und nicht nur über die Krankheit. Ich empfinde das als sehr bereichernd.“

JanaIntoDance dancer

“I'm really excited! Through dancing, I now dare to try things earlier on that would otherwise have taken me longer to try. We start with sitting movements, and as the class progresses, you can get up if you want to and can - that's very motivating. I have gained more self-confidence as a result.”

“Ich bin hochbegeistert! Ich habe mich durchs Tanzen wieder mehr und früher an Dinge herangetraut, die sonst bei mir erst später drangekommen wären. Wir beginnen mit Bewegungen im Sitzen, und im Verlauf der Stunde kann man aufstehen, wenn man möchte und dazu in der Lage ist – das ist sehr motivierend. Ich habe dadurch mehr Selbstbewusstsein gewonnen.“

LorenzIntoDance dancer

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